M.V.P Program (Most Valued Pet)

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"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"  This is especially true when it comes to the health of your pet. Our pets can't tell us when an illness is just beginning, and that is the most cost-effective, and most successful time to start treatment.  Delays in treatment can lead to costly hospitalizations or surgery, and can result in permanent or chronic conditions.  It is for this reason that we designed the M.V.P. program; its goal is to help people afford all of the tests that can help detect problems in our pets before they're untreatable, when early therapy will be most effective.
Program Highlights

  • Three (3) physical examinations so you never have to hesitate to have something concerning checked out.  Twice-a-year scheduled wellness visits allow the veterinarian to do a better job in detecting, treating and preventing life-threatening disease.  These comprehensive exams include blood pressure measurements and glaucoma screening.
  • Fecal examinations done twice a year (as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control) to identify parasites that affect your pet, but that can also put your family at risk. 
  • Blood and urine screening tests, done once a year.  These tests help to establish a baseline for future comparison, but also detect problems at a time when prevention and treatment will have the most benefit. 
  • All MVP programs include a FULL YEARS SUPPLY OF BOTH HEARTWORM AND FLEA PREVENTION, for both dogs and cats.  Senior plans include chest and abdominal radiographs to screen for heart disease and hidden cancers, and urinalysis done twice a year to screen for diabetes and kidney disease. 
  • Puppy and kitten plans include their spay or neuter surgery, along with blood typing and microchip placement.
There are other benefits to this program such as 10% OFF all retail items and 12 nail trims as well!

Our mission at the Heron Creek Animal Hospital, is to provide you with all of the tools to keep your pet healthy and happy throughout life.  Please ask us how to sign your pet up for this valuable wellness program.

Please note: services for the program are purchased annually, and unused services are not transferable to the next year.