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  • AAHA Accreditation

    What is AAHA?
    In the 1930s, a group of veterinarians created standards to help bring common guidelines, practices and procedures to the veterinary profession. The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), along with a group of veterinary experts, developed the AAHA Standards of Accreditation as benchmarks of excellence. The AAHA Accreditation Program helps veterinary hospitals incorporate these standards of quality care and procedures into their day-to-day practices, ultimately raising the level of care being provided to companion animals while also increasing loyalty among veterinary staff members. Being AAHA-accredited also provides a way for veterinary hospitals to show their commitment to excellence in their communities and to their clients.

    What makes an AAHA practice different?
    Since 1933, AAHA's leaders and other veterinary experts have developed specific written standards for companion animal practices. These standards have undergone numerous changes, but none so significant as the 2005 enhancements. The enhanced standards were developed in order to raise the bar of veterinary excellence. We wanted to ensure they reflect the developments made over the past 10 years in veterinary medicine in addition to AAHA's team philosophy. We recognize that practice team members make significant contributions to the delivery of quality care and the overall success of every veterinary practice.

    Below is a copy of the AAHA Accreditation letter we received after our last evaluation:

    Heron Creek Animal Hospital
    Evaluated on 04/18/2012

    Dear Dr Smith and Team,
    Congratulations to you and your team for achieving AAHA accreditation! Commitment to practicing veterinary excellence was evident during my visit to your facility. The knowledge and practical implementation of the standards was exhibited by the entire team. We are proud to recognize your team's wonderful accomplishments and look forward to our working relationship in the years to come.

    We hope you will find this summary letter an adjunct to the evaluation and a springboard to continuous improvement.

    The following were noted as outstanding components of your evaluation:
    • You have well-written standard operating protocols.
    • The staff exhibited admirable teamwork.
    • The practice exemplifies good implementation of the AAHA standards of excellence.
    • The hospital is sparkling clean and fresh smelling, an important criterion to new and existing clients!
    Below, we have presented your scores in table version. Please remember that the standards include many items that veterinary hospitals implement to different degrees. Our common goal is to provide continuously improving, quality patient care.